The Ball Courtney Link is through the James Courtney 17, Oct1764 B, Sparrow’s Swamp, Cravens South Carolina. He married Elisabeth Laws 1788 moved to Mississippi. His son is the father of Louisa Jane Courtney, 2nd Wife of Henry Augustus Ball. Elizabeth Law’s passed away about 1810 and he returned to South Carolina and married Ann Giles in Craven South Carolina. Hugh Giles Married Sarah Ball (this is documented in the Dairies of Evan Pugh 1772-1773) Daughter of Bartholomew and Elisabeth Henlen. We are searching for the parentage of Ann Giles. We believe her to be a granddaughter of Sarah Ball Giles.
It’s a small world. If one cannot document a relationship for one branch of the family, it may be possible to document for another branch. We must continue our search if we are to determine the parentage of Ann Giles Courtney.

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Many Balls are descendant of the Curtis, Courtney and Jones families they established the first Baptist churches in Mississippi and Louisiana along with James Courtney revolutionary soldier who established the first Baptist churches in Alabama. All of these families had been persecuted by Major WEMYSS who burned over 50 homes farms under orders from Col Tarleton. They served with many of their welsh Baptist under Capt. Dubose of the St David’s Militia. Interesting many people say the Tom added the letter to files to gain admission to the SAR.
The below file where published in the 1850 and taught at traning unions and in Baptist history.
The Baptist Memorial and Monthly Record, October, 1846, pp. 298-300. - Scanned by Jim Duvall]