Ball Family Genealogists

Susan Sloan:
A new star that is shining on our Family is Susan Sloan, Susan holds a B.S. in Psychology and a M. Ed. degree, both from Georgia State University. She is a member of the Georgia Professional Genealogists, the Association of Professional Genealogists, and several state and local genealogical societies and lineage societies. She serves on the Board of the Georgia Genealogical Society and on the Advisory Committee for the R. J. Taylor Foundation that provides funding for books useful to Georgia genealogists.

Leon S. Hollingsworth
The Leon S. Hollingsworth Genealogical Card File.( I was once critical of his work having grown up with cell phones, Lap tops, and DNA testing, I now realize they did what they did with pen paper and travel.)

Dr. Joseph L. Druse

DR.Robert Scott Davis
His work has been invaluable to the family

Brent H. Holcomb
His understanding of South Carolina the Best

Elizabeth Shown Mills
Extensive researcher on Ball family and a "Breland cousin"


This book is dedicated to those of this family who have gone on before, who passed down to their children the stories that are so rich in family history and genealogy as well as legend. The paths they traveled in the long ago, obscured by the erosion of time and dimmed memories have become clear and bright by the written records kept by the family and shared, public records filed in our city libraries, county courthouses, state and national archives.
This book is a clear challenge to all of the family of this present day and all of those who will follow after, to use this book as a foundation to build on; to complete this history and genealogy; for yours is a wonderful family; a family to be proud of.
My heartfelt thanks to Thomas I. Ball of Louisville, KY for his sharing and co-operation in my research. He wanted the truth to be known.
I am forever grateful to Mrs. Elizabeth Shown Mills CGFASG of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Without her vast knowledge of genealogical re-search this search would not have been completed nor would this book have been written.
I want to express my sincere appreciation to Margaret Ball Miller for her encouragement, interest and hard work. She has been a real trooper and she deserves full credit.
I wish to thank every member of the BALL FAMILY REUNION for just being there. You helped and didn’t know it.

R.C. (Pat) Ball
Ball, R. C., Ball, J. M., & Ball, H. B. (2011). A chronology of William Ball of St. Johns Parish Berkeley County, South Carolina and some of his descendants. Houston, Tex.?: William Ball Family Association. p,9