Hezekiah served in the South Carolina Militia during the War of1812. He served two terms of enlistment. These terms included March 1813 and July 1813. He received bounty land for 40 acres for one term of service and again for 120 acres. This land was located in Mississippi. Hezekiah and his family settled in the forks of Atkinson Creek and the Leaf River,where he lived until his death. This area was known as Court House Bluff.

Hezekiak farmed and raised cattle, hogs and other woods animals. He had timber land but not much of the land was logged during his lifetime.

Hezekiah was buried on the north side of his property. His wife Mariah, and some of the children were also buried here. The graves were destroyed by others and turned into a pasture. The desecretion of the grave sites was said to be recorded in the Leakesville, Greene County Courts.

Hezekiah Byrd is believed to be the son of Michael King Byrd and Laney Branch. There has been no confirmation or documentation discovered to indicate that this is correct, just information that has been speculated and been passed along by word of mouth.( Melvin Byrd-Gulfport,MS)