Sampson Ball, Jr. died 7 August 1765 at his plantation is St. Stephens Parish, Craven County, South Carolina, a young man, unmarried and without issue. In his Will he divides his estate between his Gourdin and Dubose kinsmen on his mother’s side of the family.
Samson BallL, St. Stephens Parish, Craven County. Uncles: Peter Gourdin; Isaac Gourdin; Theodore Gourdin, executor. Cousin: Jonathan Dubose. Mentions: residue of estate to first child, male or female of my uncle Theodore Gourdin at 21 years or marriage. Wit: Gabriel Marion, Isaac Dubose, Rene Richburg. Dated 7 August 1765, Probated 30 May 1766, Recorded Will Book RR, page 138 3.

The family of Isaac DuBosc is found among the earliest families in the Province of Carolina. Isaac Dubosc came to Charles Towne ca. 1685/87 and settled along the Santee River. The "List of French and Swiss Refugees in the Province of Carolina who wished to be Naturalized English" was prepared 1695/96 and included Isaac DuBosc, son of Louis DuBosc, and Anne DuBosc, of Dieppe in Normandy, France; Suzanne DuBosc, his wife, daughter of Pierre and Susane Couillandeau, native of "La Tramblade" in Xaintonge. The mother of Suzanne DuBosc was Marie (not Susane) Fougeraut Coullandeau, who married 2nd Moise Brigaud and who sold Lot #90 in Charles Towne that she had purchased in 1688 from Henry Hughes. This was in the Plat and Draught of the said Charles Towne. Henry Hughes was granted the lot in 1680. This would have been the original Draught of Charles Towne. In the deed she refers to her daughter Suzanne Dubose and her son-in-law Isaac Dubose. On this document, Isaac Dubose signed his name as "-- Dubos".
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Dubose Family History

Many Ball descendants of the Curtis, Courtney and Jones families that established the first Baptist churches in Mississippi and Louisiana along with James Courtney revolutionary soldier who established the first Baptist churches in Alabama. All of these families had been persecuted by Major WEMYSS who burned over 50 homes farms under orders from Col Tarleton. They served with many of their welsh Baptist under Capt. Dubose of the St David’s Militia.