Anne Ball, daughter of Bartholomew Ball and wife, Elizabeth Henlen, was born and reared in the Prince Frederick Winyaw Parish-Queensborough area of Craven County, South Carolina. The exact date and place of her birth and marriage is unknown1.
Anne married John Mikell, Sr., of Virginia, and they lived in the Darlington District, South Carolina. John was a farmer and rancher. They had ten children of whom eight lived to adulthood: Anne Mikell married John Lucas and had two sons and five daughters, Elizabeth Mikell married her cousin, John McIntosh, Sarah Mikell married another cousin, John McIntosh, a son of Gud McIntosh, Catherine Mikell married Moss Murphy and died without issue, Fannie Mikell married a cousin, William McIntosh. He died and she married a Mr. Watson. John Mikell, Jr. married first, Sarah Lucas and second Elizabeth Thimpson, a first cousin, William Mikell died a young man, never married. James Mikell married Margaret Thompson, a first cousin and sister of Elizabeth Thompson above and had four sons and three daughters. John Mikell, Jr., and wife Elizabeth Thompson had four daughters and two sons. Edward Mikell married a cousin, Elizabeth Mikell, and had several daughters, Sampson Mikell died at the age of eight2.

Joe Charles Mikell of Jackson MiS is a decendent of John Mikell
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