In 1988 R.C. Ball of Houston ( http://www.lulu.com/product/hardcover/william-ball-south-carolina/18651713)
who was the driving force behind Mrs. Mills research on the "Ball Problem" and Robert Scott Davis, Jr. who wrote the book, " Georgians in the Revolution: At Kettle Creek (Wilkes County and Burke County)", pgs 215-228 - sketch of William Lee)" worked on a premise of who Charlotte Lee's parents were. I have the file from R.C.Ball and his correspondence with Mr. Davis who commissioned Peter Wilson Coldham of England to do research on a William Lee. They proved several generations in England.
Briefly, William Lee came to American in 1767 as a tourist. He traveled around all over the place writing what he saw and heard until 1783/4. . His travels were published in England.
While he and his wife Charity were living in Burke County in 1781, Charity had a baby daughter born 7 Aug 1781. The common birth date given for Charlotte is 27 Aug 1781 somewhere in GA. The name of the baby girl is not given. The Family Bible record of Henry Augustus Ball Validates the information.
There are records in Richmond County where WBB and Charlotte married showing William Brown, WBB and William Lee as neighbors along Bulter Creek and Spirit Creek very near to Augusta where William Lee lived as a Notary, coroner and real estate agent. This William Brown is shown in the Letters of Administration to be the son of John Brown. Bartholomew Ball was the administrator of John Brown's estate as nearest of kin and he is alleged to have married John Brown's widow.(R.C. Ball correspondence 1988-1989.)